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Rural Sheds


Australian made & manufactured

Rural, Farm & Machinery Sheds

At Prime Build Sheds, we construct a myriad of farm and rural sheds using pure Australian made steel offered at competitive rates to enable you to save on investment. From our range of pre-designed buildings, you can either choose from or tell us what you want and sit back to watch us build it for you.

Using our vast experience in rural properties and continuously updated knowledge about the ever-evolving rural landscape, we can meet your priorities for different particular needs.

We supply and install Open Front Farm Sheds, Open End Farm Sheds, Open with Lock Up Bays, Open with Extra Wide Bays.

A design that works

Not only can we construct your rural shed to take up any height, width, length or features relevant to your purpose, but we can also help you improve the building if your requirements change at any point in time.

This degree of flexibility in our engineering doesn’t compromise building standards in any way.

Dynamic Shed Ideas

During construction, our experts ensure that the internal column and end column of your shed is symmetrical so that it becomes easy to attach other features like bays whenever you deem necessary.

What if you choose to have a very large shed? There’s no need to worry since our standard, engineered brackets and solid connections will guarantee high structural strength for the shed.

Lots of options

We have farm and rural shed options that allow you to spend within your budget and build when the time is right for you. We help you from the get-go on and through the entire construction process.

Are you still considering who to contact for the construction of your rural shed? Get in touch today!

A Local Business

PrimeBuild Sheds and Garages supplies and installs custom built rural and farm sheds in many locations. Servicing the Illawarra, Wollongong, South Coast and Shoalhaven regions.

Peace Of Mind

PrimeBuild Sheds and Garages is a ShedSafe accredited provider. This means that all our buildings are constructed in compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC).

PrimeBuild Sheds & Garages

Your supplier of rural and farm sheds

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