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residential Sheds & Garages

In the sphere of residential sheds and garages, customer vision is everything. Our engineers would ensure that your shed needs are specific to the architectural design of your house and your aesthetic desires.

If you work in an industry that requires you to have a workshop for all your metal tools or woodwork, PrimeBuild Sheds & Garages can create a sleek storage space solution that matches your needs and maximises space, using different design options. For instance, you can have roller doors that are smooth with easy operation, and customised shelves to your taste.

We supply and install Single garages, Double garages, Workshop sheds and Garden sheds.


Our team can finetune your shed specifications. The portal frame used as the foundation is solid in terms of strength but is also versatile. Other parts of the shed that determine structural strength and guarantee durability like wall heights, bay widths, and timespans can be subjected to changes needed to make the designs beautiful and strong.

One of our pivotal missions is to always make sure the shed can stand the harshest weather conditions and not shrink. Our team always has access to metroclad and trimclad sheeting and extensive colorbond designs that not just create appealing aesthetics, but are also the leading industry benchmarks.

Select What You Need

If you need a single garage to store your car, our engineers can work with you on the structural strength, manual or automatic operations, car space etc. With our colorbond colour and profile options, to achieve the desired outcome.

If you need a double garage, we can also customise and design it the way you want. A double garage with twin roller doors and a dividing wall that can house tools and equipment has been a popular option with customers. However, we have numerous options for your garage needs.

We are Your First Choice

PrimeBuild Sheds & Garages is a company established on the basis of client satisfaction, building upon eighteen years of experience. We are also backed up by one of the biggest steel supplying companies in Australia.

Our product offerings are created with top quality and a long lifespan in mind. We use Bluescope steel and strong colorbond steel colours that guarantee durability and longevity.

Local Shed Experts

At PrimeBuild Sheds and Garages we supply and install custom built residential sheds and garages in many locations. Servicing the Illawarra, Wollongong, South Coast and Shoalhaven regions.

Quality Assured

Along with our quality and excellent delivery, are our competitive prices. However, cost varies and is highly dependent upon your features, criteria, and building. For more information, get in touch with us.

PrimeBuild Sheds & Garages

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