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SteelChief – Garden Sheds, Workshops, Aviaries & Cubbies eBrochure
October 26, 2020
Why Choose SteelChief?

All of our products are locally made in Ballarat to your requirements.

SteelChief sheds are a great DIY product – all shed panels are pre-assembled making your installation simple and safe.

Select your SteelChief product size and colour then select any of our additional optional extras. Decide on door type and positioning then build your shed exactly the way you want it. Delivery of your product will usually be within two weeks in panel form with rolled safety edges on all sheets ensuring you an excellent finished project with the minimum installation effort.

SteelChief’s Guarantee:

SteelChief guarantees all workmanship of our products. Our current suppliers of pre-painted coloured and zinc sheeting have warranted that their products are resistant to flaking peeling and excessive fade or perforation for 15 years under certain conditions.

The warranties are given subject to our suppliers’ standard warranty terms which are available from our distributors or our website. We will pass on to our suppliers any material warranty claim but SteelChief will not itself be liable to meet any such claim. SteelChief may without notice change suppliers and/or materials which may alter warranty terms.

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